Bad Salzuflen salt water

Bad Salzuflen has an incredible wealth of thermal, salt water and mineral springs and offers a combination of natural therapeutic Salzuflen waters, excellent medical skills and many years of experience.

No remedy has been tested over as long a time as bathing in thermal salt water. The first reports on the beneficial effects of warm springs originate from Ancient Greece. Today, spa doctors offer a wide range of reliable treatments with salt water.

As a health spa, Bad Salzuflen has nine springs of different compositions and temperatures. The salt water can be bathed in, inhaled or drank and is even used to influence the climate.

Drinking fountains

Drinking fountains

The water for drinking treatments is extracted from three wells - the Sophienbrunnen, Loosebrunnen and Inselbrunnen wells. Numerous ailments can be alleviated with the drinking cure. The salt water is dispensed in the Concert Hall in an enjoyable traditional ritual.

Drinking salt water

  • stimulates the metabolism
  • activates stomach activity
  • aids digestion
  • alleviates gall bladder problems
  • improves kidney function
  • purifies the body
  • strengthens the immune system
  • regulates organ function

(Unless otherwise advised by a doctor, one glass per day may be sipped)


€0.50/glass, free with visitor pass

The right way to drink salt water

  • Drink max. one glass per day.
  • Drink our mineral water slowly, in small sips.
  • It should be drunk fresh from our well glasses.
  • There is a €2 euro deposit which you get back when the glass is returned.
  • Our mineral water cannot be used to fill bottles or other containers.
  • If you have questions regarding indications or contraindications, please consult your spa doctor

Graduation springs

Graduation springs

Another three springs are used for the graduation and thus outdoor inhalation at the graduation houses: the Neubrunnen, Paulinenquelle and Sophienquelle.

Inhaling salt water

  • promotes the loosening and expulsion of mucous
  • improves lung function
  • lets you breathe freely
  • prevents respiratory infections
  • alleviates asthmatic and bronchitic ailments
  • strengthens the general state of health

Bathing springs

Bathing springs

Three springs are used for bathing in wonderfully warm, healthy thermal salt water: the thermal Leopoldsprudel, Thermalsprudel III (known as Therme III) and the Gustav Horstmann Sprudel.

Bathing in salt water

  • promotes joint flexibility
  • aids the blood flow
  • stimulates circulation
  • increases fitness
  • boosts the metabolism
  • strengthens the immune system
  • relaxes the body and mind
  • purifies and cleans the skin
  • stimulates cell regeneration