The Teutoburg Forest Nature Park

The Teutoburg Forest / Egge Hills Nature Park

Could anything be more wonderful than taking a stroll through the woods on a sunny day? Simply walking at your own speed under a roof of green leaves, taking deep breaths of the fresh air, enjoying the sparkle of sunlight filtering through the treetops and taking in the aura of the forest with all your senses.

With its host of natural treasures, the Teutoburg Forest / Egge Hills Nature Park offers all this and more. In addition to its extensive beech and deciduous woods, it has peat moors, dry grassland and heathland, each with its own typical forms of vegetation and numerous watercourses spring from the hillsides.

The widely varying landscapes of the Nature park are a permanent invitation to return and discover more. Numerous spectacular views of the surrounding countryside can be enjoyed from viewing points on the ridges of the Egge and Teuto Hills and from the Weser Uplands. In addition to the two ranges of hills, the Nature Park also includes the Lippe Uplands, the Oberwälder Land, parts of the Paderborn Plateau and the Senne.

The Teutoburg Forest / Egge Hills Nature Park also offers visitors a multitude of interesting walks and hikes to sights like the famous Hermannsdenkmal memorial, the mysterious rock formations of the Externsteine or the Weser Skywalk, high above the valley of the River Weser on the Hannoversche Klippen. Surprising for this predominantly rural region is its large number of museums, historical town centres, old stately homes, landscaped parks and the fascinating architecture of its monasteries.

wild cat

wild cat

Areas of outstanding natural beauty

Undivided by modern developments, the countryside offers safe habitats for rare and easily disturbed species such as black storks, eagle owls, red kites and wildcats and is naturally also home to roe, red and fallow deer and wild boar. Other interesting animals can be found in Hardehausen, where European Bison are bred to save them from extinction.