Beer Baths

Very early on Monks recognized the healing properties of hops, malt and yeast. During the Beer Bath the natural ingredients of the beer can unfold and provide the best conditions for an overall well-being. Minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements accelerate the cell metabolism. A beer bath leads to a silky smooth skin and even helps with acne and psoriasis.

Beer Baths (ca. 40 Min.)30,- €

Cleopoatra Bath

A mixture of high quality oils and milk nourishes the skin and provides valuable minerals, vitamins and trace elements. It is especially recommended as a moisturizing therapeutic bath for dry skin.

Cleopoatra Bath (ca. 40 Min.)30,- €

Scented Thermal Brine Bath

Thermal brine is a true source of health! A bath in brine water promotes blood circulation, relieves pain and reduces inflammation. The heat of the water relaxes the muscles and the connective tissue becomes more elastic. Blended with aromatic oils, the thermal brine bath transforms into a relaxing experience. Individually, based on your preferences, we supplement the effects of the thermal brine by adding essential oils such as lavender (soothing, invigorating), Indian balm (calming, relaxing), Eucalyptus (refreshing, prevents colds), pine needle (stimulates blood circulation, harmonizing), juniper (warming, relaxing), rosemary (vitalising, stimulates blood circulation).

Scented Thermal Brine Bath (ca. 30 Min.)28,00 €

Sea Weed Bath in Thermal Brine

Discover the unique combination of the thermal brine and seaweed: the vitamins and minerals contained in the seaweed nourish your skin and have a purifying and vitalizing effect.

Sea Weed Bath in Thermal Brine (ca. 40 Min.)30,00 €

Bubbly Brine Bath

Dive into bubbly brine water and feel like you are taking a bath in the ocean surf. Our healthy brine water caresses your body, loosens and stimulates tight muscles.

Bubbly Brine Bath (ca. 30 Min.)25,00 €

Sound Wave Bath

A bath in colour and sound – experience this unique and intense combination in our spa tub. Functioning as a body of sound, the tub transfers the vibrations of the music onto the body. Gentle underwater lighting has a regenerating and revitalizing and colours the water in atmospheric rainbow colours. A treat for all your senses.

Sound Wave Bath (ca. 40 Min.)39,00 €


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