Massages for dreaming

Aromatic Oils Massage

Flavors of ethereal oils are absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream and are flushed through the body, thereby activating the organs and strengthening the immune system. Depending on the use you can revive and rebuild, relax or calm down. Choose your favourite scent from the following flavors: Active, Balance, Energy, Honey-Ginger, Orange, Rose and Relax.

Full body (ca. 40 Min.)42,- €
Back (ca. 30 Min.)32,- €

Ayurveda Oil Massage

As a full body massage the Ayurveda Oil Massage is a pleasant possibility to relax, cleanse and refresh your body, mind and soul. Warm oil is applied on your body which helps the internal energy flow to get both balanced and stabilized. This leads to internal harmony, clarity and vitality.

Full body with forehead shower (ca. 60 Min.)57,- €
Full body (ca. 45 Min.)45,- €
-hands-treatment (ca. 60 Min.)110,- €

Relaxation Massage

Also known as the „Art of Touch“ this massage revives your strength and vitality. With the regulating techniques of touch the harmony of the organism is preserved or rather re-established. The Relaxation Massage causes an instant reaction of your body, stimulates the release of anti-stress hormones and regulates mental and emotional balance.

Full body (ca. 45 Min.)39,- €
Back (ca. 30 Min.)29,- €

Foot reflexology

All of our organs have corresponding places in our feet, the so-called reflex zones that reflect our current constitution. Massaging these  reflex zones improves the circulation of the stimulated organs, promotes the elimination of  toxins and restores the energetic balance. Reflexology harmonizes body, mind and soul and stimulates the immune system.

Massage (ca. 30 Min.)29,- €
Foot reflexology-Reiki-Application45,- €

Hot stone massage

Through the use of heated basalt stones, pleasant heat gets into deep bodyzones, it loosens the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. The fascinating combination of massage and energy treatment activates the body's own energy resources, harmonizes body, mind and soul and increases the general well-being.

Hot Stone (ca. 75 Min.)73,- €
Hot Stone (ca. 60 Min.)57,- €
Hot Stone (ca. 35 Min.)33,- €

Lomi Lomi Massage

[Translate to English:] Lassen Sie sich in eine Traumwelt entführen und erleben Sie, umrahmt von hawaiianischen Klängen, ein besonderes Gefühl von Harmonie und Ausgeglichenheit. Die Mischung aus Körperarbeit, Massage und Ritual, löst Blockaden und Verspannungen und bringt Körper, Geist und Seele wieder in Einklang. Sanftes Dehnen, Drücken und Streichen mit angenehm duftenden Ölen führt Sie zu einer bewussten Körperwahrnehmung in einem Zustand tiefster Entspannung.

Lomi Lomi Entire Body (ca. 90 Min.)79,- €
Lomi Lomi Partial Treatmant (ca. 45 Min.)45,- €
4-hands-treatment (ca. 60 Min.)110,- €

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