Silky smooth skin

Relaxation in the Softpack

Experience a nearly weightless state on our Softpack lounger. Surrounded by a thin foil-fleece you can enjoy the pleasant warmth of water with a temperature of 37° without direct body contact. Depending on your skin type and individual preferences pure, undiluted substances such as algae or oils are applied onto the skin. The combination of oil, water pressure and warmth helps the muscles to relax completely and enables the skin to absorb the nurturing ingredients better.

Softpack – Sea Water Algae pack

The Sea Water Alga body pack has a diuretic and detoxifying effect and stimulates the cell metabolism. The body gets cleansed and toned.

Sea Water Algae pack (ca. 45 Min.)30,- €

Softpack - Evening Primrose Oil

Primrose Oil contains various nurturing and important ingredients (such as minerals, vitamins, monounsaturated fats, amino acids) which help to nourish and moisture the skin. Primrose Oil relaxes the body, has an anti-aging effect and is effective against neurodermatitis and other skin problems.

Evening Primrose Oil (ca. 45 Min.)30,- €

Salt-crème-peeling plus

The salt-crème-peeling cleanses, refreshes and stimulates your skin, preparing you ideally for the follow-up treatment. Choose from Salt-peeling followed by Cleopatra bath, Sea Water Algae Pack in the Softpack or evening primrose-oil-pack in the Softpack.

Salt-crème-peeling plus (ca. 90 Min.)52,- €

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