Wellness Special

Harmony from Head to Toe

Help balancing your body, mind and soul. relaxing pedicure you will experience an Ayurvedic oil massage that is based on the thousand-year-old Indian knowledge for "a long life". It promotes your health and increases your joy and vitality.

  • Medical Pedicure
  • Ayurveda oil massage with Shirodhara
Harmony from Head to Toe (ca 90 Min.)73,- €

Hops and malt

Experience the healing properties of hops, malt and yeast and enjoy your pleasant beer bath. Afterwards, relax with a full body massage and escape from your daily stress.

  • Beer Bath
  • Full Body Massage
Hops and malt (ca. 85 Min.)69,- €

Milk and Honey

Cleopatra is the symbol for radiant and beautiful skin. A bath of milk and honey will give you many valuable moisturizing substances. The support of the subsequent face mask and the honey-ginger massage is a fountain of youth for your skin.

  • Cleopatra Bath
  • Face Mask
  • Honey and Ginger Massage
Milk and Honey  (ca. 90 Min.)71,- €

Silky Smooth Skin

After a cleansing salt scrub, enjoy the 37 ° C warm brine without direct body contact and increase the absorption capacity of your skin. Caring substances have an intense effect and can bring your body and soul into balance during the subsequent full body massage.

  • Salt scrub with relaxing in the soft pack
  • Full Body Massage
  • Final Care
Silky Smooth Skin (ca. 90 Min.)77,- €



  • Salt Scrub
  • Sound Wave Bath
Azure (ca. 65 Min.)69,- €


  • Sound Wave Bath
  • Aroma Oil Full Body Massage
Purple (ca. 75 Min.)78,- €


  • Sound Wave Bath
  • Hot Stone Full Body Massage
Gold (ca. 90 Min.)91,- €

Floating on the Clouds

  • Aquafloating
  • Evening Primrose Oil Pack
Floating on the Clouds (ca. 85 Min.)75,- €




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